Saturday, November 13, 2010

Kiss ‘n’ Tell Trend: SHORTS With LEGGINGS or TIGHTS!!

A trend that I’m really starting to love is SHORTS and LEGGINGS/TIGHTS! Its chic, its stylish, and its fashionable! For me its something I can throw on and feel comfortable all day long. Not too long ago I cut a pair of jeans that were too tight and made my own shorts. So you don’t have to throw away your old pair of jeans . . . just cut them!! You can dress up the look by adding a blazer, a denim vest, fur vest and/or graphic tee. It also looks great with boots and especially high top boots, which is my personal Fav! I even see retail stores like Express and H&M incorporate the trend, so expect to see it this Season!!

Tell me if you will wear shorts this season??


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