Thursday, May 27, 2010

Splash Color Onto Your Nails This Spring & Summer!

With Essie’s new nail polish colors, you can have beautiful looking nails for the spring and summertime. What I love about this collection is that it provides soft, sweet and elegant colors for every outfit and occasion. The six beautiful colors the collection includes are lilacism, neo whimsical, pop art pink, tart deco, van d’go and my personal favorite red nouveau.  

So splash on one of these colors and tell me which one is your favorite! 

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Do you love shoes? Is your closet full of flats, sandals, heels, pumps, etc.? Do you always search for that special pair and cant find it? If so, I got great news for you, Shoe Dazzle!! This amazing online shoe society lets you get one pair of shoes each month for a membership fee of just 39.95! A quick survey (once when u register) figures out your personal style and taste and gives you 5 shoes to pick from each month. You can even skip a month if you don’t like the selection and you won’t be charge(wow!). I actually took the survey and have to say they pretty much match my style. So thanks to Kim Kardashian who is the founder of Shoe Dazzle, we can all have our personal shoe stylist!! So check out the site and hopefully you won't get too shoe crazy! 

Here is a sneak peek of what you may get!

Friday, May 14, 2010

KISS 'n' Tell Fashion: Rihanna Trendsetter or Follower?

Usually I am a huge fan the always fashionable Rihanna. Even if I don't like her look, I can always say at least she is original. But today I have found some disturbing evidence of copycat-ism. Maybe I am wrong but Rihanna seems to be trying out Beiber Fashion. Also, I can't help but think about Katy-Perry's LED Dress that she wore to the Met Gala when I look at Rihanna's dress at London’s O2 Arena. Personally, I am already over the light up dresses and I definitely have a strong dislike for women in baseball caps thanks to Ciara.What's your opinion?

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Accessorize Your LIFE!!

Do you sometimes feel like your outfit is boring or too plain?? Why don’t you try spicing it up by adding some accessories! You can make a plain shirt look nice with a chain necklace or scarf. You can spice up any outfit with some cool and fun jewelry. You can also turn boring dull hair into beautiful looking hair with some accessories.

So try adding the following to your outfit and notice the difference. =)

«      Scarfs
«      Hats
«      Bags
«      Sunglasses
«      Belts
«      Hair accessories
«      Jewelry
«      Rings
«      Earrings
«      Bangles
«      Bracelets
«      Neckalces
«      Ankle bracelets
«      Toe Rings

What is your favorite accessory???

Monday, May 10, 2010

Tranny Model coming out in Givenchy Campaign AdsThis Fall !

Transgendered Brazilian Lea T. being included in the Fall/Winter Campaign Ad for Givenchy marks great triumph for the modeling industry. 25 years ago it would be rare to see minorities on the catwalk or in high fashion magazines. Today there is an increasing amount of diversity in the fashion world-- and now this! I don’t know if this is influenced by the success of RuPaul’s Show “Drag Race”, but I appreciate that Givenchy Designer Riccardo Tisci is including his personal assistant and former fit model .  Lea T.’s delicate features are easily comparable to the other beauties of the campaign, who also appear to have diverse backgrounds.  Riccardo Tisci describes Lea T, formerly known as Leo, as “very feminine, super fragile, and very aristocratic”.  According to Tisci, the inclusion of Lea T. to this campaign compliments the lines “masculine-feminine dichotomy” that Givenchy is famous for and it follows the coed runway that was presented last March. Many people may find these changes controversial or too edgy but really-- you can’t tell the difference. That’s the beauty of it.

What is your opinion on Lea T.?  Can you tell which model is Lea T?

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Kiss ‘n’ Tell Steals: GILT

Why pay more than you have too. With Gilt you can get designer name brand clothing at HALF THE PRICE!! Visit the website. All it takes is a free membership. You’ll be amazed at what you can find! 

Friday, May 7, 2010

Kissed or Cursed: Knock Off Bags

Louis Vuitton

As you walk down the street don’t you notice that almost every girl has a small Louis Vuitton bag. What of the sudden outbreak?? It’s very doubtful that all these ladies (especially during a recession) bought them at retail price of $600 or more. Nowadays anyone can find designer name brand bags on street corners and ally ways. Canal Street is a prime example. However, when everyone has the same bag it loses its value. The bag is no longer rare and or a specialty to have. Now if a girl was really to buy a Louis Vuitton, it’s automatically expected that it is a knock off. Hopefully Louis Vuitton can get a hold of the situation or else they may face damage to their brand image and we don’t want that!

Which BAG is real??. . . Not the One you THINK!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

KISS 'n' Tell Music: Beyonce Goes Retro for New Video "Why don't you love me?"

Beyonce is at it again! Beyonce stings her with attitude and sex appeal in her new video "Why don't you love me." Written  by Solange Knowles and Angie Beyince, Beyonce adds to the songs 1950s retro feel.

"Why Don't You Love Me" - Beyoncé from Beyoncé on Vimeo.

What do you think about B.B Homemaker's Retro look?

Monday, May 3, 2010

KISS 'n' Tell Red Carpet: Met Gala 2010 UPDATED

Celebrities wear their best for one of fashion's biggest nights: Met Costume Institute Gala 2010. The event is a ball where celebrities really dress to impress. One of the night's biggest trends was Gold and Glitter Gowns. Diva's like Anne Hathaway, Chanel Iman, Jessica Biel, Brooke Shields (Michael Kors), and Donnatella Versace were all captured in their Glitz n Glam dresses. Such glamour made it hard for me to determine who was night's best dressed. I really loved Jennifer Lopez's" Bigger than Life" Ball Gown but I also just adored Anna Wintour's silver metallic gown. Of course, there were the usuals who are always just stunning like Sarah Jessica Parker (Halston) , Zoe Saldana, and Blake Lively. In my opinion, Katy Perry's light up LED dress was the most interesting and unique.It would've been great to see what Lady Gaga would've worn if she would've walked the red carpet :-/

I have to mention that there were those who made me double take and cover my eyes. However, I won't reveal those who caused such sore eyes. I will let you decide for yourself. 

Who do you think was the nights best and worst dressed?

KISS'n' Tell: TREND ALERT: Maxi Dresses!!

Maximize your wardrobe with this trend. This is a must-have. It's so versatile; it can be worn this season, in the summer, and when fall comes around. It's comfy, it's breezy, and it compliments any body type. I've had one since last fall, but I'm ready to buy a few more in the new prints of this season. Tribal and Animal prints are right in character for a maxi dress and go perfect with wood and beaded jewelry, but you can't go wrong it you prefer a floral print. Lindsay Lohan opted for a maxi without a print and that's cool too! It's all in style RIGHT NOW!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Chanel Iman in Allure magazines' April 2010 issue!!!

Super Model Chanel Iman rocks the pages of allure magazine with Paul Cavaco's Short Story Photo-shoot. She sports a high ponytail,  fabulous shoes and colorful dresses from this season's Rodarte, Thakoon, and Marc Jacobs collections, photographed by Patrick Demarchelier.