Friday, May 7, 2010

Kissed or Cursed: Knock Off Bags

Louis Vuitton

As you walk down the street don’t you notice that almost every girl has a small Louis Vuitton bag. What of the sudden outbreak?? It’s very doubtful that all these ladies (especially during a recession) bought them at retail price of $600 or more. Nowadays anyone can find designer name brand bags on street corners and ally ways. Canal Street is a prime example. However, when everyone has the same bag it loses its value. The bag is no longer rare and or a specialty to have. Now if a girl was really to buy a Louis Vuitton, it’s automatically expected that it is a knock off. Hopefully Louis Vuitton can get a hold of the situation or else they may face damage to their brand image and we don’t want that!

Which BAG is real??. . . Not the One you THINK!


Anonymous said...

on the second photo, the bag on the left is the real louis. darker leather, neater stitching etc.

Anonymous said...

the right one, the figures are symmetric

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