Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Accessorize Your LIFE!!

Do you sometimes feel like your outfit is boring or too plain?? Why don’t you try spicing it up by adding some accessories! You can make a plain shirt look nice with a chain necklace or scarf. You can spice up any outfit with some cool and fun jewelry. You can also turn boring dull hair into beautiful looking hair with some accessories.

So try adding the following to your outfit and notice the difference. =)

«      Scarfs
«      Hats
«      Bags
«      Sunglasses
«      Belts
«      Hair accessories
«      Jewelry
«      Rings
«      Earrings
«      Bangles
«      Bracelets
«      Neckalces
«      Ankle bracelets
«      Toe Rings

What is your favorite accessory???


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