Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Is the Sasha Fierce Line too FIERCE!?

Some say that Beyonce’s Sasha Fierce for Dereon line might be too much for back to school. I’ve seen some of the collection, which includes full body jumpsuits, one shoulder dresses, leather jackets and ripped jeans with lace detailing. Not to forget the over the top accessories that contains extravagant jewelry, oversize sunglasses and heavily studded shoes. Now you can think what you want, but the real question is: Should young females be wearing this line to school. I mean it is called the junior collection but some of the clothes are what college students and older would wear. Another issue is that the line is suppose to represent Beyonce’s alter ego Sasha Fierce, but how fierce (or bad) is this second personality to go ahead and create it and then market it to young females. Don’t get me wrong, I love Beyonce and think she is an amazing performer. I just think the line is more for night/evening wear then back to school. 

Tell me your thoughts about the Sasha Fierce collection??


Pilar said...

definitely for evening, i dont think it makes any sense for young girls in general, much less school but maybe for older women to go out - i am not a big fan of her clothing in general so my opinion is a bit biased

DANiE said...

Interesting, I think that you have a good point, and it is interesting that "Sasha Fierce" is being marketed to "young girls"... hmmm

Catese said...

@Pilar you are entitled to your opinion and I thank you for it.
@Danie thats exactly what I was thinking . . .hmmm

Anonymous said...

Clothing line inappropriate for young students. The line should target college students or older women

Anonymous said...

I don't think this line should be for young girls....WTH!!!! I love B but what is up with thiss???

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