Monday, September 20, 2010

What Is Up With the Obsession that Lighter Is Better??

When I saw Gabby Sidibe on the cover of ELLE I was like this girl is definitely a STAR! I was so happy for the girl who went from Actress to Oscar nominee over night. Then I found out that her photo was lighten on the cover and all I could think was WHY?? Why even put her on the cover if you think her skin is not good enough. Why would you insult her grace by changing her skin tone? Her color is what makes her Gabby! Isn’t that what ELLE wanted on the cover in the first place. So why change her and make her someone she’s not.

Then this incident made me think back to when Beyonce’s L’Oreal Ad showed her in a recognizably lighter shade. Once again all I can think about was WHY??? In my opinion the L’ Oreal picture actually looks worst because they stripped away Beyonce’s radiant skin and instead made her look ghostly and washed out(Literally).

I just think the fashion industry is too obsessed with lightness. I just want to know who said lighter is better?? Not me. . . Not anyone I know. People are beautiful in all shades and all shades should be welcome and UNALTERED

What do you think about photos in magazines and ads that are alter to look lighter??
Do you think lighter models and skin tones sell more than others??


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