Thursday, September 16, 2010

What I ADORE this Week!!

So as Tianna and I were passing by time on the computer before class started, we came across the Betsey Johnson website. We continued to look through until long and behold she found this Betsey Goes to Paris Pearl Tie Necklace. Immediately I fell in love with it and wanted to go to a store where Betsey Johnson is sold so I could add it to my own jewelry collection. Even though the necklace may been a little pricey at $85. . . the cute little charms scattered throughout the tie makes it way cuter than an ordinary one. Thats for sure! =)
Peace, Love & GLAM

What do you think of the piece I ADORE this week??


Tianna said...

I totally adore! Great post Catese! I totally love Kissed By Fashion!

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