Saturday, April 24, 2010

KISS ‘n’ Tell TV Show: The Hills & The City are BACK!!!

BOTH The Hills and The City are back this Tuesday, APRIL 24 at 10pm on MTV. I say let the DRAMA BEGIN! If you’re not familiar with these shows, it follows the life of young adults going through relationships, friendships, struggles and success. But we can’t forget about FASHION! The City gives you an inside look of ELLE magazine. So if you want to see the expectation and demands of a fashion magazine, this is the show to watch. The star of the show – Whitney Port, shows you the steps it takes to start a clothing line and how to move up in the fashion world. And how can I forget that The City also features People’s Revolution, the PR firm headed by the stern but fabulous Kelly Cutrone. The Hills deals more with life in general, but Adriana’s role shows you the music industry with Sony Music Entertainment. So watch the shows this Tuesday and tell me what you think!
Peace and Glam!!

The City

The Hills 


♥ t i f f a n y said...

love these shows!

Kinsey Michaels said...

I am so excited for the hills to return. I am a big fan of Kristin, I just wrote a blog post on some of her super chic tastes in fashion. Can't wait to see how the new season pans out!

Catese said...

I know!! I love these shows and will stay tune this Season. But thanks ladies for the comments!!

gillcrist said...

i love these shows. i also excited for return the hills.Watch movies the prior online is the best option for lots of drama, fun and time saving. This post having really wonderful information, thanks for sharing with all.

Catese said...

Im glad the information was useful. I am so in love with the shows that I have to watch it every tuesday or else I freak out!! lol

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