Thursday, April 29, 2010

To Backpack Or Not To Backpack . . . That Is The QUESTION!

A fellow classmate asked me one day “ How do I look fashionable without carrying a huge and heavy Jansport book bag around all day to school?”. So my response is there are many bags that are lightweight but durable enough for all your books and items. Choose bags made with soft fabrics such as cotton or nylon and stay away from LEATHER!! I know it may look nice and classy but it adds extra weight and baggage!! I’m not saying you shouldn’t have one but for comfort and especially for school choose light material. Shoulder, messenger and totes bags are the best choice. Tote bags especially since they are very popular this season. Even try a backpack with multiple pockets, zippers and buckles for an edgier look instead of a plain Jansport.

Here are some places to get you up to fashionable but lightweight speed!

Top Shop
Victoria Secret
Urban Outfitters
Juicy Couture
Old Navy

Hope this was helpful! Peace and Glam =)


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