Sunday, April 25, 2010

SPRING 2010 Fashion Trends

Is your Spring Wardrobe up to date? The biggest trends this spring season are Military, Florals,  and Tribal Prints!
If you want to instantly pick up The Military Look, you can’t go wrong with a basic military jacket.  A few characteristics of the Military jacket are the metallic buttons, the optional embroidery along the front torso, shoulders, and wrist, the standing collar, and epaulets. The most popular types of military jackets are the ones sold in twill and denim. We can thank Rihanna and other celebrities for making this trend popular.
Florals, Florals, Florals! This trend is great because it adds the perfect element of femininity to our outfits. Kim Kardashian shows that a floral skirt, solid top and neutral sandals are the combination for a sunny spring day. Of course a floral garment can be added to an edgy studded separate or anything denim for a bad girl/guy appearance.
The Tribal Look is one that seems very foreign yet it is exotic and welcoming. The geometric patterns surfaced on and around warm and natural tones scream wild and sexy when printed on a simple silhouette. It is worn best with wood, matte metallic, or beaded accessories.  


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