Friday, April 16, 2010

KISS 'n' Tell Celebrity: Usher is Back in Style with his New Video "OMG"

He’s been gone for a minute from the R&B world but he has never lost his sense of fashion. In his new video “OMG” featuring William, Usher shows us why he is considered a style icon . Still Grown and Sexy, Usher keeps it simple with clean, black & white ensembles all throughout "OMG". Generally, it’s his signature blazers (one in black and one in white) and his black trench coat that give him a clean, sleek, and trendy look. His female dancers are also wearing black blazers with a bejeweled bras and corsets, short-shorts, opaque tights, and thigh-high boots (I love this look!) However, his DITA Grandmaster-Three Sunglasses ($600) are the crown jewel of his style.

Usher is obviously no stranger to style. He has two new fragrances: UR for Men and Usher SHE for Women. AND he is launching a lingerie line for both men and women.

Check him out! What’s not to love about Usher?


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