Wednesday, April 14, 2010

What EVERY Girl Should Have In HER Closet

IF there is one thing a girl should have in her closet, its NEUTRALS, NEUTRALS, NEUTRALS. I can’t say it Enough! Neutrals provide a common ground for ever outfit and can save you both money and time. So stock your closet with white, black, beige, gray, etc and you can rock any outfit.

Have a pair of nice heels in your closet. It’s not only good for those nights out on the town but also for your dream job interview. Remember one article of clothing can be used for a variety of things. Also to snag that job you always wanted, have a nice suit ready and you'll walk in their with both style and grace =)

To skinny jean or not to skinny jean is the question. Have BOTH!! There are times when you want to give off a sexy and sophisticated look (Skinny Jean) and when you want to be nice and causal (Boot Cut, Straight Leg, etc.)

Then there are Cardigans! I can’t tell you how much cardigans have saved my life. You might think so what, but let me tell you it works WONDERS. A cardigan can accentuate any outfit, make colors pop and change a boring plain outfit to an amazing outfit.

Last but not least, the classic “Little Black Dress”. This is self-explanatory. Every girl must have one in her closet. That’s bottom line. =D


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